When you work with an effective coach (someone who can help you improve while ensuring it’s enjoyable), it’s not just about the time you spend with them. It’s about the knowledge they’ve accumulated over years of experience and study … knowledge that will be used to develop and work through a well-rounded training plan. It’s taken almost seven years and hundreds of questions and answers in running groups, along with study and certification, to reach the level I’m at today – you get the benefit.

While £359 may seem expensive for a marathon plan, after the setup cost, it’s just £20 per week over the 16 weeks we’ll work together. For that £20, you get a plan that is designed to improve your running while minimising injury risk (including runs, strength & mobility workouts, and drills), you get someone monitoring your progress and working with you to adjust the plan if it’s not working as expected or if “life happens”, you get access to the running group (from1runner2another) or to me if you have any questions, you get race-day advice & strategy, and you get someone that believes in training the whole runner, rather than just focusing on the running workouts.

All for £20 per week.