Running with Power - The Basics. Available in hardback, pocketbook and eBook

I've written a book!

It’s about Running with Power.

Who's the book for?

It’s for runners who want to understand Running with Power.

By that, I don’t mean running with a powerful stride or looking powerful when you run. I mean using power to gauge the effort with which you run – your running intensity.

Whether you use wrist-based Garmin power and TrainingPeaks, an Apple Watch with a Stryd footpod and the Stryd PowerCenter, or any other combination of equipment and apps, the metrics and models are the same – this book focuses on those, and covers how to get started and how to get the best from your running using power.

Why Run with Power?

🔹 Power enables you to determine the race-day target that will produce the best result based on your fitness, rather than going into a race or event hoping your goal time is achievable. And it will enable you to run the race at an effort level you can maintain throughout.
🔹 Power provides personal training targets matched to your current fitness to maximise training gains while minimising the risk of injury or over-training.
🔹 Power enables you to identify the threshold above which you begin to fatigue more quickly so that you can set workout targets aligned to your fitness rather than guessing at the right intensity or using online calculators based on population averages over hundreds of runners.
🔹 Power enables you to maintain effort-based workout targets – even in hilly, windy or other environmental conditions.
🔹 Power allows you to monitor the effectiveness of form changes or supplemental work in a way that isn’t possible without power.

How can I get my copy?

It’s available as a hardback or pocketbook from Amazon, and as an eBook from Amazon and other sellers.

Feedback? Questions?

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