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A “velvet rut” is when you’ve:
  • built up your life exactly how you want it to be;
  • minimized inconveniences and handed off the stuff you don’t like to do;
  • found out what you enjoy, where you enjoy it, and never plan to leave.
You’re stuck, but the velvet rut tricks you into thinking you’re not stuck.
Instead, ask:
  1. Are you challenging yourself?
  2. Do the choices you make push you or do they help you atrophy?
If not, maybe it’s time to consider a new challenge!

Are you ready to be challenged?

Sometimes random chance brings you to a topic that you want to share.
It happened to me earlier today when someone posted a link to a “Daily Stoic Email”. After reading it and noticing that it’s not specifically about running, I started to see how it could be applied to runners.
For example:
  • A “training plan” that consists only of easy runs (because intervals and long runs are too uncomfortable)
  • Focusing ONLY on one type of event, because that’s the event you’re best at
  • Sticking with the same brand of shoes, because they’re reliable and a reasonable fit
  • Never running hill sprints, because they’re just too much effort
  • Only ever running in the evenings, because mornings are too cold and too “early”
OK, OK. I realise that some of these may be a little contrived, but the questions to ponder are:
  1. Are you challenging yourself?
  2. Are you making choices that push you or choices that help you atrophy?

If not, maybe it’s time for a new challenge?

And maybe I can help with that!

The Daily Stoic Email

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