Why buy this plan?

Running has become a popular pastime, and there are a lot of products, services, and advice available on the internet. But it can be a little overwhelming, leaving you with the feeling that you’re missing something important or doing something wrong.

That’s exactly how I felt when I first started running. And I’ve lost track of the money and time that I’ve spent on things that didn’t end up making a difference – like the running shoes in the picture (which were meant to train me to land on the “correct” part of my foot).

fbr running shoe

Which is why I’d like to start running is about more than just getting you started – you get a personalised plan, Strength & Mobility workouts, lots of training advice, somewhere to ask your questions, and (if you need it) a little accountability.

All designed to build your confidence and your running ability, while minimising injury risk.

It starts with an assessment of your current ability

We are all different – different ages, sizes, weights, speeds, builds, flexibility and so on.

When we start running we’re each starting from a different place – perhaps you ran when you were young but haven’t run since, maybe you’ve never run, or you tried it a couple years ago but got injured and had to stop.

And we start running for different reasons – perhaps to get fit, maybe to reduce weight, or it could be a social thing, running and chatting with others.

The initial assessment reviews your running goals, your exercise history, upcoming events, your recent activities and a few other things that will influence your running plan. I may even ask you to send me a couple of pictures or short videos so that I can make a better assessment.

We agree a personalised plan

Based on the assessment, we might agree:

  • You should start with some run-walking without a specific goal in mind; or,
  • Couch to 5K (e.g. the NHS app) would work for you.

Whatever we agree, the plan would also include Strength & Mobility workouts – if you move more easily, your running is easier.

It would also include recovery time, so that your body has time to adapt to the new stresses and strains – recovery is where the “magic” happens (ask me about the “magic”).

I coach you through the plan

This is the part where you complete the workouts – both the run/walk workouts and the strength & mobility workouts.

We monitor your progress using online running platforms (like Strava), and through DM/email. If needed, we can Zoom/Facetime.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the from1runner2another facebook group (which is full of helpful runners), or if you prefer, you can ask me privately.

And if “life happens”, we can adjust your plan (and perhaps your goals) to suit, extending the plan if needed and agreed.

And then we celebrate!

No plan would be complete without reviewing how well it went and asking “what’s next”?

And of course celebrating your successes, no matter how large or small.

And if you find you like running, why not do more of it – perhaps training for an event (like a 5k or a 10k), or continuing on a better-value, longer-term month-by-month basis.

*All plans are subject to Our full Terms and Conditions (PDF)