Why buy this plan?

Too often, people sign up for events without a clear plan of how they’ll prepare and then push their training too hard or aim for a target time that may or may not be achievable.

The result? They end up injured and can’t take part; or they start the event too fast and end up not achieving their best.

I know this because I’ve been that runner! I’ve made those mistakes.

Which is why I’d like to train for an event provides more than just a training plan for an event – you get a personalised plan (matched to your ability and to the event), Strength & Mobility workouts, drills and running cues, lots of training advice, somewhere to ask your questions, and (if you need it) a little accountability.

All designed to build your confidence and improve your running, so that on the day you can achieve your best while minimising injury risk.

NOTE: If you’re new to running you may want to look at I’d like to Start Running instead.

It starts with an assessment of your current ability

We’re all different – different ages, sizes, weights, speeds, builds, flexibility, and so on.

None of us has the same running experience as anyone else – perhaps this is your first event at this distance or you may already have run a number of events before; perhaps you’re already pretty good at this event and want to get even better.

And different events need different training plans – events like a 3k or 5k will have a much greater emphasis on speed than an event like the Marathon (even though every event requires both speed and endurance training).

The initial assessment reviews your running goals, your exercise history, upcoming events, your recent activities, and a few other things that will influence your running plan. I may even ask you to send me a couple of pictures or short videos so that I can make a better assessment.

We agree a personalised plan

Based on the assessment, I’ll put together a plan that will enable you to achieve your best on the day with a mix of workouts designed to improve your speed and your endurance.

The plan will include some running drills and cues (to improve how you run) and Strength & Mobility workouts – if you move more easily, your running is easier.

It will also include recovery time, so that your body has time to adapt to the increased stresses and strains – recovery is where the “magic” happens (ask me about the “magic”).

I coach you through the plan

This is the part where you complete the workouts – the running workouts, the drills and the strength & mobility workouts.

We monitor your progress using online running platforms (like Strava), and through DM/email. If needed, we can Zoom/Facetime.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the from1runner2another Facebook group (which is full of helpful runners), or if you prefer, you can ask me privately.

And if “life happens”, we can adjust your plan (and perhaps your goals) to suit.

Leading up to the event, the plan will taper to deliver you to the start refreshed and ready to go, while a race-day strategy will give you what you need to avoid starting too fast and reduce the chances of “bonking”.

And then we celebrate!

No plan would be complete without reviewing how well it went and asking “what’s next”?

And of course, celebrating your successes, no matter how large or small.

And if you enjoyed the experience, why not continue – perhaps training for another event or moving to the better-value, longer-term month-by-month plan.

*All plans are subject to Our full Terms and Conditions (PDF)